Healing Queen, sessions with Reina Prado
Creator of the #lovelimpias & Finding Self, Finding Love workshop

Reina Prado founder of Healing Queen is based at Kosha Wellness Center, 127 N. Madison Ave. Suite 300, Pasadena, CA 91101. To book your session, click on pink "book now" button, or book via our instagram page @healingqueen_ or click link to be directed to scheduling site.

Prado is a Xicana feminista that brings a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach to the sessions and workshops she facilitates. Through each session, she supports a client’s nervous system by aligning and fortifying their cranial rhythm. This can help ease pain within the physical body, and the client may experience a deeper unwinding of energy blocks in other areas of their life. Prado created a hybrid modality called the Love Limpia, which helps clear out emotional and / or physical blocks surrounding love. This could look like or feel like limiting beliefs about deserving love, or releasing energetic ties to an ex. Through the love limpia, one may experience an expansion of their heart space that welcomes and radiates love. Prado uses a combination of tools such as therapeutic grade essential oils (particularly in Raindrop Treatment™ and Isis Ritual), tuning forks, crystals, and tarot cards during each session. Collectively these practices help her navigate a client’s energy system in a more wholistic matter. Prado is certified as an ICSU (Integrative Cranial Sacral Unwinding) and RPP (Registered Polarity) Practitioner through the Life Energy Institute. More information is available on her site www.healingqueen.abmp.com and Instagram @healingqueen_

Through a combination of modalities, the session helps a client re-align to their heart space sourcing their wellness of being. Afterwards, a client can feel more connected to their truer self trusting their life path and doing projects that connect with their soul. The longer they work together, the client will learn to discern what is in right alignment with their spirit, and have the confidence to move forward releasing what is no longer in service to their higher self.

For off-site sessions at festivals follow us on instagram @goodmexicangirl or @healingqueen_

También hablamos Español. Las sesiones de sanación usa metodos de medicina alternative que alinean el cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Soy sobadora y me enfoco en los huesos y el sistema nervioso.

Any questions feel free to email me healingqueen.reina@gmail or reach me through our facebook page and now via instagram @healingqueen_

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