Reina Prado of Healing Queen
Love Conscious Coach, Holistic Energy Practitioner, and Creator of the Love Limpias
About The Practitioner

In 2011, it all began with a desire to help my community, which is mostly Spanish speaking, immigrant, and workers like my mother. I established my practice professionally in 2013 in the Los Angeles area at a space called Here & Now. 

My practice is a mestizaje that reflects who I am and the lineages that I incorporate in the healing modalities practices I offer. As is a Xicana feminista, I bring a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach to the traditions from my ancestry, many of whom were Curanderas, Mid-wives, Herbalists, and Sobadores along with "modern" energy healing modalities, which can be experienced in my signature offering: Love Limpias.

My signature offering, the Love Limpias, is inspired by my work done as an artist under the moniker Santa Perversa. A figment of my own creation, Santa Perversa is the patron saint of all things erotic, sensual, and love. On the 20th anniversary of the poem Santa Perversa, I realized that I had been doing love limpias through the prayer in the poem. In my reclamation of the wellness practices from my matrilineal line, I created the hybrid modality of Love Limpias that includes guided meditation, vibrational healing, crystal healing, and Reiki.

As my practice grew, I moved to Pasadena and developed workshops to bring the core values of these modalities to larger audiences. I offer vibrational healings and bodywork to help clients activate Divine Love within their energetic field. Now I am a full-time Love Coach who has a holistic energy practice working remotely since 2020. What has emerged is a practice working mainly with people who seek a deeper connection with their true self. I combine modalities and tools with another offering called Vibrational Healing.  I have shared this work at various studios and festivals like Mystic Bazaar, The Consciousness Tribe, Community Healing, Reggae on the Mountain, Topanga Days, Echo Park Rising, Sedona Yoga Festival, and One Love Fest. I currently hold sessions remotely in unceded Tongva territory (NELA)

I'm also a registered distributor of Young Living Oils©. If you want to sign up and be a distributor too, click on hyperlink and use Sponsor ID # 1420510 when you sign up. I use these therapeutic grade oils in the apothecary products I create and during sessions such as Raindrop Therapy and Isis Ritual (Emotional Release). Limpias and integration rituals are encouraged and available during the new and  / or full moon cycles.

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