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Alchemy of True Self 3-month Coaching Program & Creator of the Love Limpias
Alchemy of True Self Group Coaching Program

Next cycle begins January 1, 2021

Alchemy of True Self is a 3-month group coaching program where participants learn to unwind limiting beliefs and cultivate a soulful alchemy to live a fully expressed life with joy, love, and harmony while deepening their connection to their life vision / soul purpose. 

In the three-month program, participants learn how to expand their love and light vibration by bringing areas of their life into greater balance. Each month includes two group live sessions that meet on the first Saturday of the month, weekly workbook with reflection prompts, one-on-one sessions, and co-create a sacred space to receive a vibrational healing and sound bath on the last Saturday of the month at 10 am PST. 

The program is grounded in the creation of a sacred space to meet your life vision / soul purpose in a highly vibrational environment. Participants also learn how to use tools such as crystals, essential oils, and other resources to understand their soulful alchemy. Each participant receives a box of curated crystals and reiki-infused essential oil blends made by me valued at $150. 

If you are ready to be intentional with your time, focus, and committed to cultivate your soulful alchemy in a supportive environment through a process of self-exploration but are on the fence about joining, then let's set up a time to talk

If you ready to join, then click on the link to purchase your preferred plan now. The plan rates are based on how often we meet for your private sessions. There are no refunds or cancellations. Once you sign up you are expected to make your payments each month until the program is completed. Save 10% on the upfront price during the month before the next cycle opens: December, April, and August.

If you need to set up a payment plan starting in October or November 2020 for the next cycle please reach out via email healingqueen.reina@gmail.com 


Your Journey:

Each month you will work with a specific theme to gain greater compassion and understanding of the root cause of a limiting belief(s) that has blocked you from living out your soul purpose. The guided meditations, weekly video teaching, workbook that includes reflection prompts for self-study help you meet with areas that may feel resistant to transformation. You will also meet with me in one-on-one sessions to see what’s coming up along your journey to creating a soulful alchemy with your life vision / soul purpose. 

The 3-month coaching program starts September 1, January 1, and May 1.  We meet on the first and last Saturday of the month at 10 am PST. On the first Saturday, we will go over the month's theme. On the last Saturday of the month, you will experience a vibrational healing circle. The weekly assignments you will do at your own pace. All materials will be available via Google Classroom. Lastly, you determine how often you want to meet one-on-one with me for your private Love Limpia sessions. Upcoming cycles: January 1-March 31; May 1-July 31; September 1-November 30. 

Curriculum Overview:

Month 1: Unwind Limiting Beliefs

Understand your story in relationship to one of our 4 core values: Security, Wholeness, Worthiness, and Love. As you do, it can help you meet with love and compassion how it took root in your life. It is then you can unwind the energetic hold it may have on you.

Week 1: Stumbling, Blocks, Stories and Detours

Week 2: Worthiness

Week 3: Wholeness & Security

Week 4: Love

Month 2: Cultivate Your Soulful Alchemy

Learn to do practice visioning and cultivate skills that connect you with the energy of your soul purpose or life vision

Week 1: Visioning

Week 2: Cultivate Soulful Alchemy

Week 3: Amplify your Soulful Alchemy

Week 4: Align to your Life Vision / Soul Purpose

Month 3: Activate Divine Love

Commit to aligning your heart and spirit in activating divine love.This practice helps you see your purpose in context to your personal relationships and social dynamics.

Week 1: Nurture Yourself

Week 2: Love Languages

Week 3: Wisdom & Joy Within

Week 4: In the Flow of my Soul Purpose

Who can benefit from Alchemy of True Self:

This program is designed for individuals who seek to live a joyful, loving, harmonious life that is aligned with their life vision / soul purpose. The group coaching program invites you to be intentional with your time, focus, and commitment to this process of self-exploration in a guided supportive environment. It is also grounded in the creation of a sacred space to meet your life vision / soul purpose in a highly vibrational environment. You will learn more how to use crystals, essential oils, and other resources to fully activate the soulful alchemy.

It is also for individuals who are able to work on their own. You must make time each week to watch the weekly video lessons, do the guided meditations, complete the reflection prompts and meet three times a month. The two group meetings serve as a collective check-in. In the second group meeting participants experience a collective vibrational healing to help release and unwind limiting beliefs and / or things no longer in alignment with your life vision / soul purpose. The other meetings are your private Love Limpia sessions.

You can check out the free webinar that introduces you to the program by clicking on this link 


What are Love Limpias?:

The Love Limpias, my signature offering, are energetic cleanses of the heart-space. It invites clients to call-in what they want and to release what is no longer in alignment.  The process that a client can experience in a love limpia includes talk-story, guided meditation, and vibrational healing.


My Philosophy:

I am a Xicana feminista that brings a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach to the various modalities and protocols I engage in my wellness practice, established in 2015. My practice also honors traditions from my matrilineal line who were Curanderas, Mid-wives, and Herbalists along with energy healing, which can be experienced in my signature offering: Love Limpias. I co-create with clients who seek a deeper connection with their true self, thereby activating Divine Love within their energy field. Each session helps a client re-align to their heart space sourcing their wellness of being. Afterwards, a client can feel more connected to trust their life path and do projects that connect with their soul. The longer we work together, the client learns to discern what is in right alignment with their spirit and have the confidence to move forward releasing what is no longer in service to their higher self.


Join Alchemy of True Self:

Each program option includes weekly videos, guided meditation, reflection prompts, set of crystals and essential oils, and workbooks. The price points below are based on how often you choose to work with me one-on-one sessions. You can save 10% when pay upfront for all three-months during the one-month special prior to next cycle start date. Payments are due on the 1st of the month. Note: There are no refunds or cancellations. Once you sign up you are expected to make your payments each month until the program is completed.

Meet once a month, pay $370 per month or pay upfront $1111, save 10% and pay $999 during the month of December

Meet twice a month, pay $550 per month or pay upfront $1,500, save 10% and pay $1350 during the month of December

Meet three times a month, pay $990 per month or pay upfront $2900, save 10% and pay $2610 during the month of December

A payment plan is available for the full upfront rate starting with payments in October or November. 

Reviews about working with me:

Alchemy of True Self was such a wonderful experience. Reina’s knowledge and delivery of that material, including the ceremonies, were both profound and joyful. This course was incredibly helpful in providing me with a strong and clear idea of what my vision is, and how to better connect with and develop that vision. I can’t recommend it enough! - Sanyelle W. 

Love You Series: "I'm so happy to be a part of this series! It really has awakened many areas of myself that I've swept under the rug; and has also validated what I have been and still going through." Janine 

Mothering Ourselves: “For a long time, I have simply been acknowledging my feelings and hurt, but not doing much work with my feelings. I had feelings stuck and had avoided having to do that inner work myself. In Mothering Ourselves workshop, it was my first time actively speaking to my inner child and it brought back a lot of memories that I had suppressed for a long time. ...The part of the workshop where we were asked to write ways in which we can mother/care for ourselves was really helpful in finding practical and healthy things I can be doing each day to take care of myself.” Sam R.

Goddess Meditation: The Goddess Meditation is gentle and very powerful. I love that you get to participate and it's an active Mediation with writing segments and sharing with others in the circle if you want.  Reina's voice and guidance gives an instant wave of supportive energy throughout. I'm very thankful for this Goddess and can't wait to experience her other healing services! - Jayme M. 

One-on-One Session

Reina has a heart of gold and healing hands. She immediately found the source of physical tension I had been carrying, and were able to initiate the clearing of a deep emotional burden I had been carrying for years. Afterwards I asked Reina what came through while she was working, and she spoke very clearly and gracefully about my held trauma and offered suggestions for how to continue working to shift things. Reina is a gift.      - Emily H. 

My experience with Reina was absolutely amazing! It was my first time booking a session with her and I was a bit nervous at first but Reina made sure I felt completely at ease. She guided me through the process and answered any questions I had. At the end of the session, the heavy energy I felt prior to the session was gone and I can't thank her enough for it! I would definitely love to book another session with her in the future!             - Estafania N. 

I love that Healing Queen finds ways to eliminate my imbalances virtually. We did the session through zoom and communicate via chat box when needed. I highly recommend to center yourself through her guidance in time of this crisis.  - Socorro G.

This woman is an incredible soul and healer. She helped me with my heart chakra. And she's such a bright comforting spirit. You're such an amazing healer and spirit. Thank you for healing me. I would possibly want another session from you once this craziness is over. - @kaynasesser

Reina sincerely has a profound gift for uncovering tools that we have within ourselves to support us on our healing journeys. I've attended the in-person self love workshop and two vibrational healing circle for ancestral healing and they are incredibly powerful. I came to her at a time where I felt unclear about what next steps I need to take for my healing process. During the love limpia, Reina was able to unlock a part of myself I had completely forgotten about. It felt like discovering a new way to love myself that surpasses linear time. I am so grateful that she generously offers the BIPOC rate and I'm really grateful to have access to a healer like Reina. - Diana A. 


More About Me:

I am known by many monikers: Santa Perversa, Good Mexican Girl, and Healing Queen. I am an artist, entrepreneur, and brujita who enjoys conjuring vegan bakes, reiki infused apothecary products while sharing my work in vibrational healing circles and workshops. You can listen to my podcast Activating Divine Love on my sound cloud page. I aim to develop projects that foster creativity and manifest love, grace, and light to all who engage with them. 



* Can I cancel anytime during the three-months? No. Once you sign up you are expected to complete the program and pay on the 1st of the month the fee. No refunds are given if pay up front and want to cancel.

* Do I have life-time access to the course material? No. You will have access to the course materials for six months after we complete the program.

* Are the group meetings and personal sessions done in person? No. These are all done remotely via zoom.

* Can the Love Limpias be done as distant healing as well? Yes. We can set it up as a distant healing session on an agreed time and date so you do not need to be present on zoom.

* Can I add more sessions during the month? Yes. You can either upgrade your program, or purchase a single session at 10% off my regular rate (not included in Wellness Wednesdays). All services and prices are posted on my website www.healingqueen.abmp.com

* Can I experience another modality for my session? Yes. You can also experience a Polarity or Reiki session if do not want a Love Limpia.

* Can I book a session on another day that you do not offer services? Yes. Contact me to coordinate best dates for your personalized sessions if they are not happening on Wednesdays-Saturdays. 


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