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Embody Radiant Love & Joy Virtual Retreat

Embody Radiant Joy & Love, a virtual day retreat is tailored to support a client to deepen, expand, and embody their radiant Love Signature.

During our time together, the client experiences Love Conscious coaching, a selection of holistic energy modalities, ceremony, and channeled message from either their Akashic Record, Angels, Ascended Master, or maybe even their benevolent ancestors and spirit team. By the end, a client receives concrete action steps on how to consciously live a more joyful love-centered life aligned to their highest self.

The Experience:

We dive a bit more during an intention-setting call. Embody Radiant Joy & Love begins via a series of questions answered at the time of booking. The answers shared guide the direction of the Love Conscious Coaching to cultivate compassion regarding any limiting belief(s) that may have rooted and created unconscious patterns or habits. The client identifies an area (or three areas) that they seek to create a dynamic, joyful, loving relationship.

An Astrological reading of your top 3, North Node, and Chiron placements are shared via audio-video memo before we gather virtually. Based on the information transmitted and being with what wants to rise at the moment, we co-create a plan to address those areas of your life.

On the day of the retreat, we co-create actions to support you to embody radiant joy & love. The day includes a cacao ceremony, a 13th Octave LaHoChi session, Sound Healing, and concludes with an Akashic reading/Angel Channeling to share the next steps.

Also included in this service are (2) Love Conscious Coaching calls to be done within 60 days after the retreat to support you on your journey. I will send a package of materials to help ground and amplify the experience. This is why you cannot book this service less than a week out.

The sessions are remote via zoom. Want to make this a group event with your besties or family? Schedule a free exploratory call to discuss options and rates. If you need to set up a payment plan, it'll be $292 monthly for four months. Click here and be taken to the Stripe platform to make the first payment. I will follow up with information to schedule your virtual retreat and intentional setting a phone call.

(In-person day retreats will be available in late fall 2022 / Spring 2023). 

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