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Healing Circles, Guided Meditations, and Workshops

Visioning Circle and Meditation click on highlilght link to purchase your dates from the dropdown menu

Visioning Circle and Meditation meets most Sundays from 4-6 pm at my studio housed at Kosha Wellness Center. Gatherings are intimate to support Visioning your soul purpose. You can join more than once as your Vision will continue to expand and other aspects will show up for you to engage. 

This is a mini version of the New Year Visioning course. We'll focus on your Vision, unwind limiting beliefs or energetic blocks to achieve your vision, and ground your vision in guided meditation. 

Be ready to come with an open heart, a seed of the Vision you want to manifest, and bring a journal. Any questions feel free to email me healingqueen.reina@gmail.com 

We will be working with essential oils, crystals, and herbs. Sacred smokes are also used in the space. 


Cacao Ceremony - April 8 and May 6 at Kosha Wellness Center in Pasadena. These dates were selected because of their approximation to the full moon. 


Activating Divine Love

Participants learn how to activate and connect to Divine Love. Divine Love is working in alignment with your heart and spirit to deepen love of self and in your relationships. The workshop is perfect for anyone seeking their divine match or wanting to experience a deeper connection in their current relationship. Through a series of prompts, participants will identify any limiting beliefs or stories around why love seems to elude the. Workshop includes guided meditation, reflection prompts and collective love limpia with sound bath. Please note that essential oils and crystals will be used throughout the session. Bring comfortable clothing, yoga mat, and a journal to write your insight and inspiration.  Afterwards participants will be able to purchase oils or body sprays, and set up appointments for their personalized love limpias at my studio in Pasadena. 

next date: March 21, 2020 at Minka in Brooklyn


Finding Self, Finding Love

Finding Self, Finding Love helps participants connect to their truer self and experience a transformation from limiting beliefs and patterned actions. Through an understanding of the four core values - Security, Wholeness, Worthiness, and Love - participants learn to access their wellness of being and gain greater clarity about the source or moment that a limiting belief rooted itself in the physical or energy body. Through grace and compassion a renewed body awareness will help participants reconnect to their truer self.

Next workshop: May 2 at the YWCA in Tucson. Click on the date to register 


The Goddess Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, June 19-21, 2010 

The Goddess Retreat meets Summer Solstice weekend at the beautiful Casa Alexandra in historic Puerto Vallarta. Participants will learn to connect deeply to their heart and soul space awakening their inner goddess. If you are ready to expand your love and light vibration, and acquire tools to commit to this transformation then join us June 19-21 in Puerto Vallarta for this magical experience.

Participants are guided through meditations and reflections to gain greater insight of any emotional blocks or limiting beliefs that created a lived experience disconnecting from their inner power and not in alignment with their true self. We continue to learn to activate Divine Love to create a practice of self-love and see how this reveberates in all our relationships. On the evening of the new moon and Summer Solstice we'll experience a cacao ceremony to further open our heart and delve into the goddess within. By the end of the retreat, participants will learn to claim their soul calling, thereby learning how to fully tap into that Goddess energy. Through out the weekend, we'll work with essential oils, crystals, meditations, and asanas to support you all in your goddess journey throughout the weekend. By the end of the retreat, participants will gain tools to magnify love of self and a deeper connection to their inner goddess. Bring an open heart, open mind, a journal, and dress comfortably. There will also be opportunities to book a love limpia on site.


Friday: Dinner followed by guided meditation and set intentions for the weekend

Saturday: Yoga and Meditation; Continental Breakfast; Morning workshop leads participants to understand the four core values: Love / Self Worth / Feeling Secure / Feeling Whole and how consciously or unconsciously we create habits that become limiting beliefs. After lunch, participants delve deeper to focus on Activating Divine Love. Divine Love is working in alignment with heart and spirit to deepen love of self and in all your relationships. In the late afternoon, participants will have time to themselves. We will travel together to enjoy dinner and immediately we head to site where we will experience a cacao ceremony to welcome Summer Solstice and the New Moon.

Sunday: Yoga and closing guided meditation followed short wrap-up. We conclude the retreat with a continental breakfast.

The cost of the workshop includes:

Guide book with meditations and reflection prompts

Participants learn to unwind limiting beliefs and arrive to a truer sense of themselves, begin to radiate more self-love, and tune into their inner goddess.

Through Archetypal Reading participants will help participants understand how they have perceived any limiting beliefs blocking their connection to their goddess archetype.

Hatha Yoga in the morning brings about a deeper mindfulness to ground and prepare our body and mind to engage the workshops.

Cacao Ceremony to welcome Summer Solstice & New Moon

Collective Vibrational Healing circles will occur after each workshop.

Most meals, snacks and beverages will be available throughout the retreat. Continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Lunch provided on Saturday and dinner on Friday.

A set of body sprays and oil blends made with therapeutic grade essential oils will be gifted to each participant.

A selection of gemstones to help participants reconnect to their truer self will also be gifted.

Lodging is double occupancy and each room has a private bathroom and balcony.

Space to unwind and enjoy the rooftop pool will be available throughout the weekend.

Transportation to Saturday dinner and ceremony site will be provided.

What's not included in the retreat fees:

Transportation to and from the airport to Casa Alexandra and own travel in the city

Flight to Puerto Vallarta

Dinner on Saturday night

Optional on-site add-ons: Tarot Readings and Love Limpias

Please inform host if you have any nut or food allergies.


It's Elemental will lead participants through a deeper understanding of the elements and how it can inform us about our physical, emotional, and mental well being. There will be movement exercises, esoteric teachings, food recipe (s), reflection & meditation. The 4-week workshop will begin with Earth and we will work our way up to Ether.  You can join the workshop at any time. Dress comfortably, bring a mat, a journal, and water too. 


Tune into your Heart, Tune out the Noise is a workshop that taps into the moon energy and is informed by the yoga practice of Dhāranā participants will can insight about  their goals that make their heart sing YES and tune out the "noise" that creates resistance in one's life. If you are ready to move on a project or life dream this workshop can help you gain clarity and offer some useful tools to get you closer to your goal. A series of writing prompts and Hatha movement exercises will facilitate the participants' ability to concretize their vision / goal. Please bring your journal and object or image that represents what you want to focus upon during the workshop. The Workshop is open to all and the asanas can accommodate all body types too.


Bloom Goddess Gathering

These are monthly gatherings open to all. I set up different themes for each month and mindfully connecting our body and mind to the season. I try to hold these at different locations for each season. A forthcoming book is coming inspired by these gatherings. 

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