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Live Your Joy

                                                                                                                                  Live Your Joy is a year long series of workshops, retreats, and ceremonies to support the highest vibrational alignment of your heart and spirit. We begin on January 1st with a free on-line class that leads us in a guided meditation for New Year Visioning.

January: New Year Visioning course helps you plant the seeds to help you fulfill your vision in 2020. We meet in Pasadena at Kosha Wellness Center on Wednesdays from 7:30-10pm. Classes will be available on-line through a closed link. To purchase your access click on this link to register. The cost is $475 with premium package, $222.22 for in-person and/or on-line. If join on-line, links will be emailed to you after you purchase course. 
Week 1: Guided Meditation for New Year Visioning
Week 2: Unwinding Limiting Beliefs
Week 3: Mind-Mapping and Action Plan for each season.
Week 4: May your Vision flow and bloom
Week 5: Ground your Vision 

February: Activating Divine Love, Course cost  $222.22

MarchBirth and Renewal, Course Cost $175-280

April: I flow in Abundant Waters

May: Mothering Ourselves

June: Retreat & 6 month coaching program begins

* The Goddess Retreat Summer Solstice $700-999

* 6 Month Coaching Program Live Your Joy $3333.00 (June - November)

July: Finding Self, Finding Love

August: Wings to Fly

September: Harvesting Our Gifts

October: Balance & Harmony

November: Gratitude & Forgiveness

December: Seeing Miracles in the Dark


May: Mothering Ourselves, Course Cost $175.00

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