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Rooted in ancestral techniques, the Love Limpias help you be courageous to love, be present in your relationships, and love yourself.
Love Conscious Coaching

Personalized Love Conscious Coaching

As your Love Madrina (Godmother), we co-create and focus on areas of your life that you want to shift, improve, and explore more in-depth. Some of the packages include unlimited short private coaching calls, which can average a call a week. Since we'll be working together over a consistent period, much progress can be experienced. The packages with longer sessions and coaching calls can be held remotely and/or in person. Please Note: The pacing of the calls and sessions depends on how quickly a client completes the assignments or "homework." I also work with couples; these sessions are limited to 4 or 8 sessions per cycle. Please get in touch with me via email if you are interested in this service.

A welcome letter will share details on scheduling your sessions, booking your calls and /or sessions frequently, and any fees for last-minute cancelations. If you wish to experience coaching in a group program, I invite you to explore Ámate and Pathway to Love. For a more in-depth private experience, then schedule a virtual day retreat Embody Radiant Love & Joy

Love Conscious Coaching with Unlimited Calls

The benefit of this package is that the short calls can provide support when a client may be experiencing a challenge in a specific area of their life. The calls are paced based on a client's commitment to follow through with assigned practices or "homework" assignments.

We can begin for one month at $888 with unlimited calls and provide clients consistent support and clarity toward their goals. If you want to co-create for a longer period, we can do so for 3 months: $2222 (monthly payment of $390 for six months);  6 Months: $4444 (monthly payment of $390); or 12 Months: $8888 (monthly payment of $777). Click on the prices you are ready to invest in.  Either pay in full or click on the respective hyperlinks for the payment plan. The payment plans are set up from the date of purchase. The 6 or 12 months packages have payment plans that are done in the span of one year, and the three-month package is set up to be done in six months. Want to combine Love Conscious Coaching with Holistic Energy Sessions, then explore the Radiant Love Coaching Packages below. The coaching calls are longer sessions, and we split the coaching and holistic energy sessions 6/6 or 9/9.

Radiant Love Coaching Package

Radiant Love is a coaching package catered to each client's needs and goals. The package includes six holistic energy sessions to complement the coaching calls to support the client's experience of embodying more of their radiant love. The combination of sessions can help us address any patterns and undercurrents that have created any perceived blocks to love or other areas where one might feel disempowered and, thus, a richer experience to delve deeper through each call or session, which can be scheduled remotely or in person.

We begin with the first call to assess and identify areas the client wants to explore during our co-creative sessions. An Akashic / channeled Angel reading is included in the first and last call to call in support from your team about these areas you seek more support. Throughout the coaching and holistic sessions, clients will cultivate more love and compassion regarding any limiting beliefs which may have rooted within themselves.

The Love Limpia Suite are five holistic energy sessions that include (2) Love Limpias, (1) Chakra Balancing and Reiki, and (1) 13th Octave LaHoChi. If the sessions are in person, you can exchange one of the Love Limpia sessions for an Ancestral Wisdom session and the Reiki session for an Isis Ritual. Clients will also receive prompts, recorded guided experiences, and a set of crystals and essential oils curated and created by me. The holistic sessions complement the coaching calls in that they support the client to release or transform any energetic weight that may be in their body or energy field. 

The 75-90 minute private coaching sessions are held remotely or in-person and complemented with the Love Limpia Suite, as well as (6-12) free coaching 30-minute calls between sessions to talk through anything that comes up as the client completes their homework. The frequency of the coaching calls is determined by the package you select to invest in.

To experience a single session instead, then book via this link. 

*** To register, select your preferred plan by clicking on the hyperlinks below. The monthly subscriptions are based on a 12-month payment plan and are set up via Stripe. If you can pay upfront, then select the first hyperlink. Select the amount in the parenthesis if you need to set up a monthly plan. The payment is due on the date you purchase. For example, if you purchase on the 10th day of the month, the subsequent payments are set up automatically for the 10th day of the month. If you wish to make a shorter payment plan of 6 or 3 months, please email lovecoach@healingqueen.org. The cost of the package is determined by the number of sessions you select. The cancelation fee for a missed session is $444 per session & $150 for a coaching call. Please note that missed sessions do not carry over. ***

(12) 75-90 minute sessions (6/12) are part of the Love Limpia Suite $4444 ($385 per month for 12 months)

(18) 75-90 minute sessions (6/18) are part of the Love Limpia Suite $6997 ($585 per month for 12 months)

Please note that once you commit to a most resonant plan, you are expected to complete the payments even if you pause the sessions or do not schedule any for some time.  

Reina Prado is a Love Conscious Coach who sources from indigenous, sacred, and metaphysical tools such as plant medicine, crystals, elementals, and astrology to support their clients with holistic energy healing modalities and their signature offering, Love Limpias. They focus on supporting clients' journey to a joyful and love-filled life. 

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