Reina Prado of Healing Queen
Love Conscious Coach, Holistic Energy Practitioner, and Creator of the Love Limpias
Love Conscious Coaching

Personalized Love Conscious Coaching

We co-create for a quarter, half-a year or full year on areas of your life that you want to shift, improve, and explore more in-depth. This service includes unlimited 15-20 minute private coaching calls, which can average to a call a week. Since we'll be working together in short intervals over a consistent period of time much progress can be experienced. Sessions will be held remotely via the phone.

Please Note: The pacing of the calls depends on how quickly you complete the assignments "homework". You will only be able to book your next call after you have completed the homework assigned at the end of your previous session. You may average a call per week. 

This is such a great value that I am only seeing a limited number of clients per season at this rate. More details will be provided when you book this service, such as any fees charged for last-minute cancellations on your coaching calls. 

All clients who book this service will also be gifted a set of crystals and essential oil blends made by me. Access to pre-recorded guided experiences and editions. Also discounts on purchases of other workshops I produce.

3 months: $777  6 Months: $1111  12 Months: $2,000

I also work with couples and these sessions are limited to 4 or 8 sessions per cycle. Please contact me via email if you are interested in this service.

Love Limpia Suite & Love Conscious Coaching Package

This is a suite of remote private coaching sessions that are catered to each client's needs and goals. We begin with an assessment to identify areas that the client wants to deepen and expand their gifts while also understanding with love and compassion any limiting beliefs that may have rooted themselves to create unconscious patterns and habits. 

The Suite is catered to the length of time you want to work together, either meet weekly or bi-monthly to help keep you on track with your love goals. To support your journey, clients will receive prompts and guided experiences. The private coaching sessions are held remotely or in-person that includes 90 minute sessions and include Love Limpia Suite of six sessions as well as (6-12) free coaching 20 minute calls between sessions to talk through something that came up for you as you were completing your homework. The amount of coaching calls is determined by the package you select to invest.

*** The payment will be paid in full via invoice. Cost determined by the number of sessions you select. ***

(12) 90-minute sessions, (6) of these are part of the Love Limpia Suite $3,997

(18) 90-minute sessions, (6) of these are part of the Love Limpia Suite $5997

(24) 90 minute sessions, (6) of these are part of the Love Limpia Suite $7,997

If need to set up a 6 month payment plan please contact Reina Prado via email: Please note that once you commit to a plan that feels most resonant you are expected to complete the payments even if you opt to stop the sessions or do not schedule any for a period of time.

The cancellation fee for a missed session is $333 per session. Missed sessions do not carry over. 

Reina Prado is a coach who resources from indigenous, sacred, and metaphysical tools such as plant medicine, crystals, elementals, and astrology to support their clients along with holistic energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Polarity, Guided Experiences, Sound Baths, Vibrational Healing, Angel Toning / Light Language, and their signature offering Love Limpias. Their focus is to support clients on their journey to a joyful and love-filled life. 


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