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Ámate Group Program begins again Sept 24

"The experience of love is a choice we make, a mental decision to see love as the only real purpose and value in any situation. Until we make that choice, we keep striving for results that we think would make us happy"
--- Marianne Williamson

Ámate translates to Love yourself. This group experience invites participants to learn how to amplify their love vibration thereby activating Divine Love in their heart and energy field. This series expands upon my signature four-week series Love You. This group program is open to anyone irrespective if you are or not in a committed relationship as Ámate is about cultivating a practice of self-love.

For this iteration of Ámate, I'm changing the format to meet for six live calls, averages to twice a month, from September 24 - December 3. The live calls are recorded and held at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern to allow folks who are in the East Coast to join this program. If you cannot join, the live the calls will be recorded and transcribed as well. There will also be much more ritual included in this offering given that two of our class meetings coincide with the full moon and partial lunar eclipse on 11/19 & the new moon and solar eclipse on 12/3. 

Meeting Dates are:

  • September 24
  • October 8 & 22
  • November 5 & 19
  • December 3

Each participant will work on their own to complete the reflection prompts and listen to the guided experiences for each one. The content will help participants explore Love as a vibration, an expression, a feeling, and as a verb. During each live call, we'll have a group Love Limpia. The program also includes (1) private remote Love Limpia, which is to be scheduled anytime between October 22 - November 19. Each participant will also have (6) short coaching calls available during the program. We will conclude the series with a cacao or tea meditation. Contact me via email: if you have more questions or book a free exploratory call. 

All live sessions are recorded and closed captioned. Please note that I do not record the private shares and will do my best to summarize what was shared without disclosing who shared. The materials will be accessible through an on-line platform for up to three months after the program has ended.


  • Understanding Relationship and Bonding Patterns
  • Tending to the Mother / Parent wound
  • Identify other blocks to be loved, receive love, and/or be loving + (Coaching Call: astrological reading on Chron and Descendant Sign is included)
  • Create your own Love Rituals. Schedule Love Limpia in 2nd month                                                                                                 
  • Calling in your Divine Match or creating a Divine Relationship
  • Allow Your Heart to be your GPS to Love
  • Preferred Desired Feelings, creating an ontology of love + (Coaching Call on focusing the Preferred Desired Feelings)
  • Activate Divine Love
  • Live by your Love-Wisdom

The program includes: Workbook, Guided Experiences, (6) live calls, (1) 60-min remote Love Limpia session, (6) 15-minute coaching calls. Bonus gift: free e-book of Spring Into Love and set of crystals and Reiki infused essential oil blends or sprays made by me. The cost is $444. If need to set up a payment plan, it'll be $150 with the invoices due by the 15th of the month. Upgrade to a VIP package and receive (3) more Love Limpias to schedule January - March 2022. Get over 20% off VIP rate now until September 19 when pay upfront. For those of you who joined Ámate this year you can return again at a 50% discount


Reviews of the Program:

Ámate helped me expand my understanding of love in my life, both self-love and romantic partnership. I was able to question ingrained beliefs that no longer served me, and name and call in new love wisdom into my life. The work done here together was powerful. — h.b.

Everyone should take this program regardless where you are now with love. It has truly shifted me to a healthier pathway towards self-love. The nine weeks I spent in the program genuinely shaped my inner work into something that I rarely had done in the past; now I have tools to continue my commitment to live by love wisdom. Anything that Reina is leading is a must to take! :) - SG

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