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Love Conscious Coach, Holistic Energy Practitioner, and Creator of the Love Limpias
Ámate Group Program begins June 4

"The experience of love is a choice we make, a mental decision to see love as the only real purpose and value in any situation. Until we make that choice, we keep striving for results that we think would make us happy"
--- Marianne Williamson

Ámate translates to Love yourself. This 9-week group experience invites participants to learn how to amplify their love vibration thereby activating Divine Love in their heart and energy field. This series expands from my signature four-week series Love You. This group program is open to anyone irrespective if you are or not in a committed relationship as Ámate is about cultivating a practice of self-love.

We meet June 4 – July 30 on Fridays from 7:30 – 9:30 pm PST via zoom. The exception being July 2 due to the federal holiday weekend. Each week includes a live call, reflection prompts guided experiences, and a workbook for participants to explore Love as a vibration, an expression, a feeling, and as a verb. The program also includes 1 free Love Limpia and a set of crystals and essential oil blends made by me. The Love Limpia is to be scheduled anytime from June 26 - July 8, Contact me via email: to register.

You can still join. Sign up by Monday, June 6, and get 40% from the standard rate with code Amate at checkout. Go to

All sessions are recorded and closed captioned. The recording will be available to listen to for two weeks after the presentation date. Please note that I do not record the private shares and will do my best to summarize what was shared without disclosing who shared. 

Week 1: Understanding Relationship and Bonding Patterns
Week 2: Tending to the Mother / Parent wound
Week 3: Identify other blocks to be loved, receive love, and/or be loving
Week 4: Calling in your Divine Match or creating a Divine Relationship
Week 5: Integration. Create your own Love Rituals. Book your Love Limpia
Week 6: Allow Your Heart to be your GPS to Love
Week 7: Core Desired Feelings, creating an ontology of love.
Week 8: Activate Divine Love
Week 9: Live by your Love-Wisdom

The program includes (1) free Love Limpia, (3) 15-minute phone calls, a set of crystals, and essential oil blends made by me. The cost ranges from $777 -$1111. There is now (1) spot available for BIPOC folks to pay at a reduced rate if they cannot pay at the sliding scale rate. Payment plans are also available. Contact me via email: if you have questions. Invoice(s) sent via Stripe or save 40% from the $999 rate and pay $599.40 with code Amate at checkout. Go to

A Note about Sliding Scale: The notion that these healing practices are only for those who can afford to pay a premium price undermines the principle of true healing. I offer a sliding scale for workshops, select courses, and private sessions to all my clients. As you decide which rate to pay, this is an invitation to you to take a look at your (financial) life from a broader perspective to see what privilege you may hold. I ask you to pay as much as you can afford to invest in your well-being at this moment while making sure community members who are economically disadvantaged historically and currently can get the care they choose. Thank you in advance for showing up for your community!

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