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PG. 2: Pivoting Energy

PG 3: Why Venus matters and the 8 year plan.

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“I Flow.

We are not here to create permanence.

We are here

to learn to be

in the flow of life”


Happy Summer Solstice & New Moon

I’m writing to you because you have received a one-on-one session with me, tarot reading, have joined any one of my workshops or vibrational healing circles, or have supported the vision of my practice. I hope to share a monthly newsletter just before the new moon to help get us grounded and focused for another cycle. May you continue to connect with me as we navigate collectively the shifts and changes in our society.


Pivoting Energy, Healing Queen Goes Remote

Like many of you, I have been going through big shifts and transitions in this time of shelter-at-home. I have pivoted to offer remote and distant healing sessions via zoom. There is no limit to how energy works. I’ve been in awe of this moment that we are collectively experiencing. I started a podcast called Activating Divine Love, which you can listen to on my sound cloud page. I’m creating self-paced on-line courses available through Teachable starting July. I am also developing a coaching program that will launch in August / September. I took a few courses and earned certifications in Sound Healing and 13th Octave LaHoChi modalities. I also added Ancestral Healing to list of offerings you can book via my site. You can experience most of my offerings remotely with the exception of Isis Ritual and Raindrop Treatment as these involve the application of essential oils on the body.

In this midst of this pandemic, I have joined the roster of practitioners at both Minka in Brooklyn and Mostly Angels in Culver City. I’m now bi-coastal! And, with the advent of remote sessions, I had my first international client last month. Through this growth, I have also released the studio where I held my practice in Pasadena alongside Kosha Wellness Center. It’s the space that held me for over two years. I’m so grateful to Jennifer Escalera and my colleagues Ebony Williams and Kaitlyn Watsabaugh for all that we created there.

The richness of this moment, I have been very creative both writing and baking. An insight that came from this moment and that I shared as a meme on my Instagram page is: “I Flow. We are not here to create permanence. We are here to learn to be in the flow of life.”

During this time, many of us have had some moment where we come to a cross-roads of what we’ll continue to nurture and what will we release as it’s no longer in alignment to who we want to be. Several planets in retrograde may inspire introspection. There is much ado about the significance of the Summer Solstice with New Moon and Solar Eclipse (aka ring of fire). I invite you to read about it and create your own moment of mindfulness and ceremony on the Summer Solstice or New Moon. The Summer Solstice is at its peak at 2:43 pm in Los Angeles. The New Moon will arrive later at 11:41 pm. We will not see the solar eclipse but some of you may feel the energetic shift. I’ll record a short guided meditation and post it on my sound cloud page to help tap into these light energies. However, I want to take a moment to focus on Venus going direct next week on June 25.  


Why Venus Matters

The planet Venus goes through an eight year cycle. The Maya would track this planet and built cities to follow it’s trajectory. “The entire cycle—263 as a morning star, 50 days absent, 263 days as an evening star, and finally, 8 days absent—takes 584 days, an interval also known as the synodic period of Venus…. Five times the synodic period of Venus (5 x 584 days) is 2,920 days. If you divide 2,920 by the 365 days in our year, you get 8. In short, the motions of Venus relative to our sun repeat almost exactly every 8 years.”

As we navigate this astrological moment this weekend and prepare to welcome Venus going direct, which will remain direct through December 2021, take a moment to reflect what goals you set for yourself in 2012? Where are you now? What goals do you want to set for yourself for the next eight years. Tony Robbins once shared that “we overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in a lifetime.” Dream big. The new moon and summer solstice energy is a wonderful moment to make this possible. Remember that the energy of this weekend will carry you through to Fall Equinox.


Upcoming Workshops & Offerings

Click on hyperlinks text to read more details about the event. To register you can also head over to linktr.ee/healingqueen All workshops are viewed through zoom. Be sure to download the app.

On the new moon, I open up Lunar Tarot Readings. These are intuitive readings done with three tarot card and read via the Rebis Spread. The readings are priced at $7.77 and you can only claim this special rate once a year. A select number of readings are available from the New Moon to the Full Moon. These readings get booked up fast.

There is still time to register for Mothering Ourselves workshop hosted by Minka Brooklyn on Sunday, June 21 at 4 pm EST. On Sunday night is Visioning Circle hosted by Mostly Angels at 6pm PST. For this Sunday’s course, we’ll focus on the 8 year plan.

Saturday, June 27, I join the Southwest YWCA based in Tucson, Arizona for a virtual workshop Finding Self, Finding Love.

June 30, I’ll be offering a Vibrational Healing Circle for Ancestral Healing via Minka. To sign up click on the hyperlink

Saturdays in July from 10 am – 12pm, I’m offering a series called Love You that combines the introductory workshops of my signature offerings. It includes Mothering Ourselves; Finding Self, Finding Love; Activating Divine Love; and Goddess Flow.

July 5, is another free Vibrational Healing Circle on the full moon.

I’ll join Golden Dome School Tarot-Thon on July 10. I’ll share more details on my Instagram page.

Next Goddess Meditation is on July 20 hosted by Mostly Angels on zoom.

I’m now offering three different membership levels to help sustain your monthly self-care practice. For details go to my on-line shop.

On Wednesdays, I offer sliding scale for 50 minute sessions with details available at my booking site.

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