Reina Prado is a holistic energy practitioner, est. 2013
Creator of the Love Limpias, supporting clients to Activate Divine Love in their energy field.

Click on the pink book now button or link to schedule your appointment. For most current rates please go to our booking site. You can follow us on instagram too @healingqueen_ and book from our IG page. 

For those of interested in a sustained self-care program, I recommend you select one of our Membership Programs. They are available at different price points. A minimum three-month commitment is required. For those of you seeking private session in your home, I suggest either the Premium or Deluxe levels. You can also pre-pay a package of sessions and use them anytime within a year. If you are on a budget, look into Wellness Wednesdays a 50 minute session is available on a sliding scale rate of $50-111. 

Due to shelter-in-place order all sessions are now held via zoom for remote sessions and distant healing sessions at upon agreed time. Most services are available except for Isis Ritual, Raindrop Treatment, and Spinal Balancing. 

Though much relief can be experienced after one session, I recommend a series of three to five sessions to experience the shift more fully in your body, mind, and spirit. Purchase a Monthly Membership to cultivate a practice of self-care and self-love. The membership offers you other perks like 20% off courses and workshops. 

Remote / Distant Healing available for 30 minutes, 50 minutes, or 75 minutes

I work remotely connecting to your energy & create a crystal grid for your session. I will share picture via email after remote session is complete. 

Remote Session / Distant Healing is effective because energy is not limited to a determined physical configuration nor bound by spatial proximity. The connection created between the client and practitioner can be positive and harmonious. As a practitioner, I'm connecting to the client's energy field thereby activating and supporting their own healing system. 

You can select one of the following modalities for Remote sessions: Love Limpias, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, or Polarity. The sessions are done via phone or zoom. Please select the length of your session when you book. 


Love Limpias

Limpias - in the practice of Curanderismo, a Latin American healing practice, there is a tradition of doing cleanses of the spirit that may have manifested in emotional and/or physical blocks. I reconnected with this practice as it's part of my lineage from my Mexica great-great-grandmother and great-grandmother who were both curanderas and mid-wives. The Love Limpia helps clear out emotional and / or physical blocks about love. This could look like or feel like limiting beliefs about deserving love, or releasing energetic ties to an ex. Through the Love Limpia, you may experience an expansion of your heartspace that welcomes love and radiates love. When booking your session select the time increment you prefer. Suggested time block for this session are 60 minutes. Group Love Limpias are available as well. These are taken on a case by case basis and can be anywhere from $300-700 per session. Minimum session is 90 minutes and runs up to 3 hours maximum. 

Love Limpias Combo: This is a combined service that includes the Love Limpia listed above and a mini cranial sacral / polarity session. The experience helps to unwind any emotional, mental or spiritual blocks that may have rooted within the body. 

Cranial Sacral Unwinding and / or Polarity Energywork Session (these sessions available as remotely)

Cranial Sacral Unwinding is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body working with soft tissues, fascia, and central nervous system. The session helps relieve pan and resources the body to improve health and performance. Client may experience an easing of the restrictions in the body and more mobility or a calmness in the nervous system. Cranial Sacral unwinding is helpful to anyone who experiences migraines, dysfunction from chronic pain, sports injuries, and some neurological impairments.

Polarity Energy work is a modality that works with the client’s energy flow to support their inherent intelligence of self-healing as expressed in their unique energetic patterns. Through an assessment of the client’s elemental energies (earth, water, fire, air and ether), we can focus on areas that feel unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to dis-ease or pain. The client’s body, mind and spirit will be resourced to help their energy system function optimally and flow smoothly without restrictions.

Raindrop Technique®  (1  - 1  1/4hour session) only available in Premium or Deluxe Membership levels
Raindrop Technique® combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage in the application of nine essential oils and blends along the spine and foot. The session provides greater balance and harmony to the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally. It also serves as a gentle detox.Wear comfortable clothing. Client is topless so oils can be applied. The client is facing down during most of the session. The oils will continue to work through the client's system for up to a week. 

Isis Emotional Release Ritual (1 1/2-2 hour session) only available in Premium or Deluxe Membership levels

Through the use of aromatherapy and polarity techniques, the session provides a means of helping one work through and release emotional trauma. Client will be mostly unclothed, covered with a blanket or sheet, and facing up during this session.A series of 12-14 oils are used throughout the body. A questionnaire will be emailed before the session to be completed by client before session begins.  


This modality supports a client to restore a sacred bond to their higher-self through a reconnection to a universal life force. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energetic vibration channeled by the practitioner to help restore the flow and balance of your personal energy field and life force. When your life force is healthy, your body begins to heal itself, your nervous system balances, and spiritual connection regains clarity. Crystals are used and placed on the recipient's body to help amplify the healing vibrations and effects of the Reiki Energy.

New Moon Manifesting Sessions options 1 hour or 2 hours

This is a new offering starting in June. The New Moon Intention sessions are to help you focus and plant those dream seeds. This is only available on the New Moon or within the first 7 days. You have option of 1 hour for $111 or 2 hours for $222. At the time time of booking be sure to select the time you prefer. Bring your journal and any amulets, pictures, or crystals to support you in your session. Dates for this service are: June 2; July 2-9; August 1-8; August 30-September 6; September 28-October 5; October 27-November 3; November 26-December 3; December 26-January 6, 2020

Ancestral Healing

It is believed that the traumas that our ancestors have experienced, as well as their wrongdoings are often played out by and / or experienced by us as opportunities to be resolved and healed. 

In this offering, we are creating a sacred space by which you can ground and offer healing to your ancestors from your lifetime, past lives, other realities, and celestial connections. 

This is ceremony that has been taught and shared to me. After our check in we'll be going through a series of meditations, breath work exercises, so that we may enter space of meeting the sacred divine within. 

Tarot Readings & Vita Flex Points - add ons 

Add a tarot reading after your session for only $30. Reading alone is $40 for 20 minutes; $75 for 40 minutes; $111 for 75 minutes. The readings include a combination of four decks: Classic Tarot, Numerology, Archetypes and Angel Cards. The longer session is a celtic cross spread and a golden dawn spread. 


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