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Shamanic Elements in Reiki (S.E.R.) Training

Shamanic Elements in Reiki (S.E.R.) 

The Shamanic Elements in Reiki (S.E.R.) courses are designed to support Holistic Energy Practitioners to live in greater harmony and align with the elements, animals, plants, and supernatural forces.  Practitioners learn to summon and co-create with these allies to release harmful or lower vibrational energies in their or the client’s energy field. When one’s life force is high, one can be healthier and connect more easily with their purpose. Participants learn from a practitioner who brings ten years of experience in holistic energy and over twenty years of teaching experience as a college professor. I have trained over twenty practitioners in Shamanic Elements in Reiki in the past two years. Shamanic Elements in Reiki (S.E.R.) include:

  • Instruction
  • Rites/Attunement
  • Practicum
  • Digital manual
  • 3 months of support after the training from the instructor


To enroll in S.E.R. Levels 1-3. Register via the Minka Mystery School for the fall training dates. 

To register for S.E.R. Levels 4-6 do so here and select the rate or package by clicking on the hyperlink. Select either $280 or $333 to invest in one course. Enroll in two pieces of training for only $555. Register for all three levels at a special rate of $777.  If you need to set up a four-month payment plan for all levels 4-6, click the link. The monthly payment of $200 includes the 7% service fee. You can use the same payment plan link for three months if only enrolling in two levels of Shamanic Elements in Reiki. You'll be directed to my checkout page on Stripe when you click on respective hyperlinks.

The intention to create Shamanic Elements in Reiki

The acronym S.E.R. also spells the word ser, meaning to be, beingness, or soul in Spanish. Much of what is shared at each level of Shamanic Elements in Reiki courses is to support the practitioner to connect more to their ser or sense of self through these Shamanistic / Indigenous practices. Each level comes with a certificate of completion. The Shamanic Elements in Reiki courses are a fusion of training and experiences in Usui Reiki, Plant Medicine, Shamanism, Curanderismo, Light Language, and Polarity Therapy. Each training is a two-day course, except for retreats. More details will be shared once students have registered on what to bring for the day of instruction. Though the course is designed for an in-person experience, one can experience it remotely. Any course content is recorded solely for instructional purposes to improve the system and will not be shared with the practitioners.   

Shamanic Elements in Reiki Courses are created and taught by Reina Prado, a holistic energy practitioner and Reiki Master known for their Love Limpias. Prado is based in unceded Tongva Territory (Los Angeles, California). Teachers who have trained me in various Reiki lineages and Shamanistic/Curanderismo Practices include Madre Jaguar, Grace Harrington Murdoch, Evelyn Starlight, Scott Smith, Aki Baker & Manu del Prete, Sunder Ashni, LeMar Moore, Saewon Oh, Erika Buenaflor, William Rand, and Gary Strauss. This course is a fusion of training and experiences in Usui & Holy Fire III Reiki, Plant Medicine, Witchcraft, Light Language, Curanderismo, and Polarity Therapy.

Prerequisites for each level: 

  • Level 1: Be attuned to Usui/Holy Fire Reiki level 1. If you are not a Reiki practitioner, at least have a six month practice of offering services in another holistic energy modality. Please schedule a free discovery call to discuss this further. 
  • Levels 2 & 3: Be attuned to Usui Reiki level 2 or another holistic energy modality. You do not need to take Shamanic Elements in Reiki 1 to enroll. However, you must have a practice where you consistently ground, clear, and cleanse your energy field. The practitioner is also comfortable with therapeutic touch. 
  • Levels 2 & 3 go hand in hand and must be taken in sequence. However, levels 4-6 do not require previous enrollment in S.E.R. levels 1-3. 
  • Levels 4-6: Pre-requisite must be attuned to Usui Reiki level 2 or higher or another holistic energy modality with the professional practice of at least six months and be comfortable with therapeutic touch. 

Fall 2023: Classes are from 10 am - 6 pm (60-90 minute meal break). All classes will take place in person at L3 Collective Wellness Center in La Habra or you can join remotely via zoom. Levels 1-3 must register via Minka Mystery School.

  • Level 1: October 28-29, hybrid offering with the in-person at L3 Collective and available via Zoom from anywhere.
  • Level 5, November 4-5, hybrid offering with the in-person at L3 Collective and available via Zoom from anywhere.
  • Level 2: November 18-19, hybrid offering with the in-person at L3 Collective and available via Zoom from anywhere.
  • Level 3: December 2-3, hybrid offering with the in-person at L3 Collective and available via Zoom from anywhere.
  • Level 6 coming in Spring 2024

Class is limited to 12 people when we meet in person. You can also join us remotely via Zoom. 

In Level 1: practitioners are introduced to the Shamanic Elements of Reiki to support and complement their practice. The course covers: how to palpate the energy field via the elements, learn a protocol to clear the chakras that do not require the use of Reiki symbols, get introduced to plant medicine, crystals, and animal allies, build altars as portals, and co-create with the energy of the directions.

If you already have a personal practice where you co-create with the elements, plants, crystals, and animal allies, I recommend enrolling in Levels 2 or higher. Students will feel more resourced as they amplify their abilities and attune to the earth, possibly awakening new gifts. The only requirement is attunement to Usui Reiki Level 1. Students attuned to Usui Reiki 2 or higher and have a personal practice co-creating with the elements may find this course helpful in learning how to integrate Reiki with Shamanic aspects of bringing a client's body to wholeness.

In Level 2: practitioners learn how to support and balance the autonomic nervous system through the three sacred energy centers: Tonalli, Teyolia, and Ihiyotl. In the Mexica cosmology, the three holy energy centers at the crown, heart, and liver are considered aspects of our soul's essence. When any of the 13 aires are present in any energetic body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, one's soul or heart is disconnected from the sense of self. Understanding the 13 Aires (energetic airs) and their impacts on the autonomic nervous system, along with a practicum to help balance the nervous system, is taught at this level. The protocol involves therapeutic touch and introduction to the anatomy of the Endocrine System, Autonomic Nervous System, Spine, and Organs connected to the chakras. 

In Level 3: practitioners learn a companion protocol shared in level 2 to balance a client's autonomic nervous system. Level 3 builds upon that content and introduces the six and 12-pointed stars to support a client's soul journey and integration. The third level also includes four rites/attunement connecting practitioners to a lineage of healers who answered the call to be wisdom keepers. The protocol involves therapeutic touch, emphasizing learning how to work along the back side of the body with special attention on the spine. Through understanding the sacred geometry of the six and 12-pointed stars, Practitioners also co-create with crystal energy grids*. There is also an introduction to including guided experiences and vibrational healing to support your client's wellness journey. *Have six clear crystals, crystal points, or selenite points. They can be small.

In Level 4: practitioners learn to co-create with the master guardians of each direction and the three realms to align the chakra system. Tools like guided experiences and fire ceremonies will be shared with a new therapeutic touch protocol. Clients release stories that are no longer of service and move in the direction of their soul's expansion. Teachings of the master guides/animal archetypes: Eagle/Condor, Snake, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and the Guardians of the Lower, Middle, and Upper World are shared. This content provides another layer of understanding of the chakra system as well.  Another two rites are given. Tools needed are a 7 day candle, preferably white, and toothpicks. 

Level 5: Focuses on the elemental energies. Practitioners were introduced to the element energy body system in S.E.R. Level 1. In this training, practitioners will learn therapeutic touch protocols to support clients aligning optimally to each element (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether) within their body and energy field. There are another two rites given at this level. This training is best experienced in person, although the concepts shared are also applicable remotely.

Level 6: The Flowering Heart™ Protocol - emphasizes tending to the emotional body and the flowering heart. Practitioners learn a protocol to support clients in releasing emotional trauma that may be lodged in the body. Informed by Toltec goddesses and the Mexica Cosmology shared in this course, practitioners will co-create with five guides: The Great Diosa, Tlazohteotl, Coyolxauqui, Cihuateotl, and Coatlicue. The protocol includes therapeutic touch and applying essential oils to the body. Practitioners will learn how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils. Another two rites are given at this level. *Practitioners will have access to these oils in class. However, it is best to invest in your own set. 

Students will learn the following:

  • Elemental energy systems
  • Protocol to clear the chakra energy system
  • How to ground, clear, and cleanse their energy field
  • Creation of sacred space to help support your client's journey
  • Amplification of one's luminous field
  • Energy protection for the practitioner
  • Communing with plants via flower essences and essential oils to better understand their medicine and allyship.
  • Create guided experiences for your client.
  • The 13 Aires
  • Three sacred energy centers: Tonalli, Teyolia, and Ihiyotl
  • 13 portals of the body
  • Endocrine System 
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Vibrational Healing 
  • Anatomy of the Endocrine System, Autonomic Nervous System, Spine, and Organs connected to the chakras. 

Practitioner Reviews

I had completed Usui / Holy Fire III Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and SER Reiki Level 1 with Reina previously. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more and deepen my practice through SER Reiki Level 2. This course allowed me to learn how to incorporate shamanic elements in my Reiki practice at a more comprehensive level. I feel these practices will allow me to provide more depth and balance to my Reiki sessions. I found learning to connect to the soul essence especially impactful for my practice. This course impacted my Reiki practice in a profound way. - Nicole

Reina shares her beautiful protocol with students and through guided learning and hands-on sessions, she helps them develop their connection with their ancestral roots and deepen their intuition as they familiarize themselves with new methods and tools. A great course to take to explore how to move through sessions/treatment feeling guided, ensure your field is grounded and protected, and learn new ways to move energy in a client-centered way. For folks with a desire to decolonialize healing practices and get back to authentic roots, while they and expand on their reiki toolkit, this is a great offering. - Amanda Fruta

The material and class was utterly life changing. This was such a reminder of how the body- energetic, physical and otherwise- keeps score and how as practitioners we may not realize that past traditions can be healing to learn about and practice. This course was close to my heart- literally, and it reminded me of how hard I am on myself but also how compassionate we can be to each other by putting these teachings into practice. Reina is the sweetest, funniest, and most humble teacher I have worked with and I look forward to learning more from her. I recommend you take at least one class with her. I learned far beyond what was in the hand book.             - La Neta

Reina- I am beyond grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and protocols in incorporating shamanic elements in energy sessions. My biggest takeaway was the tender and care I which must approach the client. Also, the setting of the space through the altar, the calling in of the directions, the grounding, clearing and protection aspect- your emphasis on this was clear and it has been life changing for myself and how I plan to work with others. What you shared has allowed me to feel ready, capable, and willing to share with others. Thank you for all your knowledge share. - Pati

My experience in taking the Shamanic Elements in Reiki was eye opening on many levels. First off, Reina is a natural teacher. She gently guides you but also challenges you into thinking a different way when it comes to how you approach and work with gifts and your clients.  Adding into that, being taught Shamanic elements further deepened my own intuitive gifts, but also added another layer to my own Reiki practice. Whats more, I'm learning to use these tools in my own everyday spiritual practices. This is a truly valuable class for anyone who wants to add more tools into their toolkit. I'm really grateful I took this class. - Gina

I found the Shamanic Elements in Reiki to be a very informative course on blending the traditional Usui Reiki with the tangible healing practices of a Shaman. Reina Prado is an extremely skilled practitioner that understands the challenges her students face in sessions. She is able to take that knowledge and guide students to create an individualized practice that honors tradition. I highly recommend this course to any Reiki healer with a budding interest in shamanic healing. - Melanie

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