Reina Prado of Healing Queen
Love Conscious Coach, Holistic Energy Practitioner, and Creator of the Love Limpias
Summer of Love

Summer of Love, a weekend retreat group experience during the Lion's Gate Portal facilitated by Reina Prado of Healing Queen

Summer of Love invites participants to meet and tend to the tender areas of their life in order to greater attune their love frequency. In doing so, they can experience a heart-aligned joy-filled life. Through this group program, participants may experience more love, compassion, and grace about their wounds.

When we meet these areas of our lives as adults and not solely as wounded children, we have an opportunity to cultivate compassion for ourselves and those who caused us harm. From this awareness, one can best discern what emerges as sources of strength and power. During the program, participants will also be introduced to a variety of techniques resourced from sacred and metaphysical traditions to support their self-care and self-love practice.

Though there are replays available please note that the private shares are not included. Often in the private shares is where the medicine emerges and serves all who are present. Materials will be accessible through an online platform for a limited time. You will also meet with different partners during your time together to help support one another through this collective experience. The event will be held remotely via zoom.


  • Unblock to Flow
  • Our Wounds are the portal to our power
  • Self-Love Practices
  • Aligning with Soul Purpose
  • Joyful Living & Heart-Led Life
  • Visioning my Self as Whole
  • Call in a Divine Match, Cultivate a Divine Relationship

The program includes:

  • 2 live calls with closed-caption replay available
  • Reflection prompts
  • Metaphysical tools
  • Guided experiences (recorded and live)
  • Workbook with self-paced activities for you to continue after the retreat
  • Learn to create Sacred Space for your dreams
  • Break-out Groups
  • (2) private love limpia remote sessions to be scheduled post-retreat
  • Crystal Set and Essential Oil set created by Reina Prado
  • Closing Guided Experience with Grandmother Cacao 
  • and more

Meeting Dates:

Live Calls August 7 & 8 starting from 10 am - 4 pm Pacific

Cost of the Program:

The program is available at three price points to make it accessible. Select the rate that you are able to invest in yourself. Payment plans are available. Once you commit to the program there are no refunds or exchanges. This means that if you are on the payment plan you are expected to meet the financial agreement. There are (2) spots available for BIPOC folks to pay at a discounted rate from the sliding scale rate listed. To set up a payment plan email me at I will send an invoice via Stripe with the agreed-upon rate of either $800, $1000, $1300, or BIPOC rate. 

  • Periwinkle:         $1300 * the private sessions are 90 minutes
  • Sage:                 $1000 * the private sessions are 60 minutes
  • Rosemary:         $800   * the private sessions are 45 minutes
  • Upgrade any level to a private coaching service with me that includes unlimited calls for a year for an additional $900. This service must be paid upfront and cannot be included in the payment plan. You can always sign up for this service at a later time for $1111.
  • Coaching & Rosemary Rate $1,700
  • Coaching & Sage Rate $1,900
  • Coaching & Periwinkle Rate $2,200

Your Facilitator:

Reina Prado (ellxs/they) is a bi-lingual and bi-cultural Love Conscious Coach. Their holistic energy practice Healing Queen was established in 2015 in the Tongva area / Los Angeles of Southern California. They co-create with folks who are ready to experience a more dynamic connection to love. Through energy healing and ancestral teachings, Prado guides folks to understand the root causes of feeling disempowered in this area of their life. Clients become resourced and reclaim their connection to Love as an expansive force in their lives.

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