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Workshops & Courses

Usui Reiki Level 1 - March 27 10 am - 4 pm PST ( 6 hours)  & Usui Reiki Level 2 - March 28 10 am - 5 pm (7 hours)

In the training and attunement, you will be introduced to the history of Usui Reiki, its principles, and to a series of systems to read energy and understand how it operates in our bodies and field. The class also includes Reiki attunement which will activate your ability to use Reiki on yourself. There is no prerequisite for this class, except for the desire to learn about Reiki and energy healing systems. Students will feel more resourced as they tune in more to their abilities. The attunement will create a deep and powerful shift of the energy bodies.

Payment plans can also be set up. If need to set this up please contact Reina Prado via email.

Reiki is an intuitive healing modality that is accessible, simple, and a method of healing that supports one’s personal journey of self-improvement.

Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen "universal life force energy" or more accurately “spirit energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and when it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The Usui Reiki system was created by Dr. Masao Usui in Japan, and it is administered by "laying of hands'. Though the Reiki system originated in Japan, hands-on healing methods have been practiced by many cultures – so it can be considered as a universal healing method. The modality can be easily adapted to remote sessions since energy has no boundaries.

Reiki is a natural form of healing that creates a beneficial effect and can work in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. To incorporate Reiki alongside other modalities can be another resource to medical and therapeutic professionals, yoga and movement teachers, parents, and/or anyone whose work is to care for others.

Usui Reiki 1 & 2 Training & Attunement is taught by Reina Prado, a holistic energy practitioner based in unceded Tongva Territory (Los Angeles, California)

Participants have an opportunity to learn from a practitioner who brings seven years of experience in the field of holistic energy and over twenty years teaching experience as a college professor. I will share how I have incorporated Reiki in my practice and life.

The weekend course includes instruction, attunement, manuals, 6-months support from instructor via google classroom, invitation to participate in Salt & Sage series, and discounted sessions with the instructor. Students will learn:

• An introduction to Usui Reiki

• Elemental energy systems

• Chakra energy system

• How to ground, clear, and cleanse their energy field

• Creation of sacred space to help ground your practice

  • Reiki Symbols and how to use them in sessions
  • Practicum during the Reiki 2
  • Learn how to do remote sessions

Though the course will be offered via zoom it is recorded solely for instructional purposes and will not to be shared with the participants. If you cannot join in December join us for the next offerings in 2021:


Salt & Sage, a monthly circle for BIPOC practitioners of all modalities. 

I invite BIPOC Practitioners to gather monthly as a means to create a community to support and resource one another while honoring each other as healers. I named it Salt & Sage, as we all are Sages who carry wisdom informed by our practice, life experiences, and lineages. Salt to help cleanse any heaviness that we may carry in our energy field, body, mind, or spirit.

The monthly gatherings will vary from month to month to connect to the energy of days from the Mayan sacred calendar. We’ll gather for 60-90 minutes and partake in a collective meditation or vibrational healing. We’ll open up the space to share areas that may be bringing up questions, challenges, or common concerns in our practice. Then we’ll close with sending healing to a cause. When we join our energies to direct towards a common cause or goal can be very potent. This is open to practitioners of all modalities.

Donations can also be paid via venmo or paypal. If you wish to do so please message me via email or via DM on instagram at @healingqueen_ To join register via the eventbrite page.

Love You, a 4 week workshop series - Starts again May 19 - June 9 at Rainbow Soul Collective.

Love You, invites participants to learn how to connect to oneself in more loving & joyful ways by unwinding limiting beliefs about love. 

Love You presents a series of four signature workshops created by Reina Prado of Healing Queen. The workshops build upon the premise that when one unwinds limiting beliefs and meets their wounds and trauma with loving compassion, one can experience Divine Love and live in a more loving and joyful way. Divine Love is living a life in greater alignment with your heart and Spirit. By doing so, you create practices of self-love that then help you radiate love in all your relationships.

Each week focuses on a different theme to help heal our wounds around being loved. We begin in the first workshop to address the mother wound. The following week, we learn about how four key core values create unknowing habits and limiting beliefs. In the third week, we learn more about activating Divine Love. We culminate with tuning in to our Goddess flow. All workshops include guided meditations, reflection prompts, workbooks, and the creation of a sacred space to receive a vibrational healing and sound bath at the end of each meeting.

All workshops will be held via Zoom. Each workshop has its own meeting room link. You will receive an email with meeting room details two days before the workshop meets. The workshop will be recorded but not the private shares nor the vibrational healing circle. A private link to the audio file will be available those who signed up for the workshops.

Week 1:  Mothering Ourselves helps participants gain a greater compassion for your mother wound(s)and learn to nurture their wants and needs by tending to their inner child.

Week 2: Finding Self, Finding Love guides participants through four core values: Security, Wholeness, Worthiness, and Love. By unwinding limiting beliefs rooted in any one of these core values participants can come into a deeper understanding of themselves.

Week 3: Activating Divine Love leads participants to work in greater alignment with their heart and Spirit. Three areas are covered: introducing the concept of Divine Love, how it deeply informs one's Love Language, and learning to practice radical forgiveness.

Week 4: Goddess Flow guides participants on how to expand their love and light vibration by bringing areas of their life into greater balance, harmony, and love.

Review: "I'm so happy to be a part of this series! It really has awakened many areas of myself that I've swept under the rug; and has also validated what I have been and still going through." Janine 

The Hummingbird's Map, a 3 week series, at Minka Brooklyn Feb 20, Mar 20 & Apr 17 & Saturdays in April at 10 am PST

The Hummingbird’s Map, a new workshop series created by Reina Prado, supports participants to identify and ground to their soul-purpose. Participants learn to honor their curiosity while remembering to relish in the sweet nectar of their dreams. Each workshop meeting is rooted in the recognition of energy flow through the understanding of Ollin, meaning movement in nahautl. Participants are provided tools, guided meditations, and reflection prompts to help them create their own hummingbird map. This series is the precursor to a longer three-month group coaching program facilitated by Reina called Alchemy of True Self, which starts January 1st.

We begin by co-creating a sacred space so participants can share their gifts as a means to deepen their connection to their soul-purpose. This also invites participants to be intentional and supportive to their vision as well to others in the circle. Be ready to join with an open heart and develop a resonance to your soul purpose. A workbook written by Reina Prado is provided to all participants via email a week before the first workshop meeting as there is work for you to complete before we meet live. If you cannot join in November, please know that there will be another offering of this course via Minka Brooklyn (Feb-Apr 2021, we'll meet monthly).

Week 1: Huitzilin: The Hummingbird’s Map

Week 2: Coyolxauqui: Moon Work

Week 3: Yollotl: Love Guides My Purpose

Hosted via Minka Brooklyn from February - April, meeting once a month. Click here to register. 


Alchemy of True Self available as introduction or 6 hour workshop

Alchemy of True Self is a course grounded in ceremony inviting participants to create and support great transformations. The course facilitates an understanding of how one can live an intentional and mindful life full of joy, love, and compassion. In addition, holding the course during the Lion’s Gate increases the one’s capacity to step into their power, awaken higher realms of one’s consciousness, and receive abundance.

Review: Alchemy of True Self was such a wonderful experience. Reina’s knowledge and delivery of that material, including the ceremonies, were both profound and joyful. This course was incredibly helpful in providing me with a strong and clear idea of what my vision is, and how to better connect with and develop that vision. I can’t recommend it enough! - Sanyelle W. 

Goddess Flow

Goddess Flow guides participants on how to expand their love and light vibration by focusing on three pillars: balance, harmony, and love.This workshop is inspired from a series of monthly gatherings called Bloom Goddess led by Reina Prado at Mostly Angels last summer. Goddess Flow includes guided meditation, reflection prompts, a workbook, and the creation of a sacred space to receive a vibrational healing and sound bath at the end of the workshop. 


Vibrational Healing Circle for Ancestral Healing, returns March 18 at Minka Brooklyn

Vibrational Healing Circle for Ancestral Healing is a ceremonial gathering guiding participants to tend to and help mend any wounds that may exist in their lineage or ancestry.

Participants will be invited to create a sacred space where they'll engage in the virtual healing circle via zoom. This is an intimate gathering open to 20 participants and will not be recorded.

The duration of the vibrational healing circle is 90 minutes, and led by Reina Prado of Healing Queen, who has a wellness practice based in Los Angeles / Pasadena area. This work has been taught to Reina by their teachers in Curanderismo. Though this gathering is held in the virtual space, remember that energy has no borders, as such come with an open heart and mindful of the space you are entering. I will offer these again via Minka Brooklyn again in March. 


Full Moon Vibrational Healing Circle and Guided Meditation 

I guide participants through a series of meditations and use sound tools to support one's vibrational healing process on / or near the full moon. If you miss it, I record and share the audio on my sound cloud page. For those registered, an email will be sent from my personal account two days before to create a ritual for this gathering. Please check your spam folder. The event is free however, tips are welcomed via venmo or paypal. Next offerings are already posted on eventbrite page. Feel free to register now.  

Visioning Circle and Meditation 

Visioning Circle and Meditation meets monthly on ZOOM on (near) the New Moon. Gatherings are intimate to support Visioning your soul purpose. You can join more than once as your Vision will continue to expand and other aspects will show up for you to engage. This is a mini version of the New Year Visioning course. We'll focus on your Vision, unwind limiting beliefs or energetic blocks to achieve your vision, and ground your vision in guided meditation.  Be ready to come with an open heart, a seed of the Vision you want to manifest, and bring a journal. Any questions feel free to email me  We will also to work with essential oils, crystals, herbs, and Sacred smokes.


Activating Divine Love

Participants learn how to activate and connect to Divine Love. Divine Love is working in alignment with your heart and spirit to deepen love of self and in your relationships. The workshop is perfect for anyone seeking their divine match or wanting to experience a deeper connection in their current relationship. Through a series of prompts, participants will identify any limiting beliefs or stories around why love seems to elude the. Workshop includes guided meditation, reflection prompts and collective love limpia with sound bath. Please note that essential oils and crystals will be used throughout the session. Bring comfortable clothing, yoga mat, and a journal to write your insight and inspiration.  Afterwards participants will be able to purchase oils or body sprays, and set up appointments for their personalized love limpias. 


Mothering Ourselves

Mothering Ourselves guides participants to engage their inner child and mother wound(s) in compassionate ways. 

Mothering Ourselves helps participants to nurture their wants and needs by tending to their inner child. They will also learn to gain a greater compassion for their mother wound(s). This is done via a series of guided meditations, reflection prompts, understanding bonding patterns, and the creation of a sacred space to receive vibrational healing at the end of the workshop.

The gathering will happen via zoom and it is not recorded to keep the privacy of the group participants. Much can come up for you during this workshop. You will be guided how to navigate the emotions that arise and given tools to meet your inner child and mother wound(s) in more compassionate and loving ways.

Review: “For a long time, I have simply been acknowledging my feelings and hurt, but not doing much work with my feelings. I had feelings stuck and had avoided having to do that inner work myself. In Mothering Ourselves workshop, it was my first time actively speaking to my inner child and it brought back a lot of memories that I had suppressed for a long time. ...The part of the workshop where we were asked to write ways in which we can mother/care for ourselves was really helpful in finding practical and healthy things I can be doing each day to take care of myself.” Sam R.


Finding Self, Finding Love

Finding Self, Finding Love helps participants connect to their truer self and experience a transformation from limiting beliefs and patterned actions. Through an understanding of the four core values - Security, Wholeness, Worthiness, and Love - participants learn to access their wellness of being and gain greater clarity about the source or moment that a limiting belief rooted itself in the physical or energy body. Through grace and compassion a renewed body awareness will help participants reconnect to their truer self.



As the Healing Queen was talking, I felt emotions of not feeling love. I felt vulnerable. I was honest with my feelings. I felt supported with my story and guided to write a different story about me.  A story that I have the Universal Love and tools to keep me going. Gracias Reina de Curacion. Preciosa y poderosa con tu medicina. Amor y Paz. - Liliana


Goddess Meditation is now Bloom Goddess hosted by Mostly Angels. Next gathering Feb 28, 7 pm PST

Goddess Meditation invites participants to move, write, and meditate by tuning to their divine feminine energy. During the 90 minutes, writing prompts and guided meditations with sound bath help bring somatic connections to one's experience around particular themes to help awaken the goddess within. Be in a space free of distractions for the duration of the gathering. Bring a journal, water, and any tools you may need to create a sacred space such as crystals, incense, and/or essential oils. 


The Goddess Meditation is gentle and very powerful. I love that you get to participate and it's an active Mediation with writing segments and sharing with others in the circle if you want.  Reina's voice and guidance gives an instant wave of supportive energy throughout. I'm very thankful for this Goddess and can't wait to experience her other healing services! - Jayme M. 

My experience with this meditation was wonderful. I didn't expect to go where I did and was pleasantly surprised about what showed up, it really speaks to the beauty of letting go of control with a trusting guide that holds space and is guiding you the whole time. Reina is truly a gifted sage, she's comforting, real, wise, and always offers deep wisdom to comfort in real-time and take with you, post-session. I'm so glad I did this and I definitely want to do more of these. - Regina D. 

Being a part of the Goddess Meditation gave me insight that I know I would not have achieved if I were on my own. I felt safe and protected throughout the whole process and now I feel that I am ready to heal. - Guadalupe M

Tune into your Heart, Tune out the Noise is a workshop that taps into the moon energy and is informed by the yoga practice of Dhāranā participants will can insight about  their goals that make their heart sing YES and tune out the "noise" that creates resistance in one's life. If you are ready to move on a project or life dream this workshop can help you gain clarity and offer some useful tools to get you closer to your goal. A series of writing prompts and Hatha movement exercises will facilitate the participants' ability to concretize their vision / goal. Please bring your journal and object or image that represents what you want to focus upon during the workshop. The Workshop is open to all and the asanas can accommodate all body types too.


It's Elemental leads participants through a deeper understanding of the elements and how it can inform us about our physical, emotional, and mental well being. There will be movement exercises, esoteric teachings, food recipe (s), reflection & meditation. The 5-week workshop will begin with Earth and we will work our way up to Ether.  You can join the workshop at any time. Dress comfortably, bring a mat, a journal, and water too. 


The Goddess Retreat in Puerto Vallarta

The Goddess Retreat begins with a cacao ceremony on the new moon at the beautiful Casa Alexandra in historic Puerto Vallarta. Throughout the weekend, participants learn to connect deeply to their heart and soul space while awakening their inner goddess. If you are ready to expand your love and light vibration, and acquire tools to commit to this transformation then join us in Puerto Vallarta for this magical experience.

Dates to be announced

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