Reina Prado of Healing Queen
Love Conscious Coach, Holistic Energy Practitioner, and Creator of the Love Limpias

I am a multidisciplinary bi-lingual Love Madrina (aka Love Conscious Coach) and Holistic Energy Practitioner that established my practice in 2013. My life’s work is to support the amplification of the vibration of love, to awaken a deeper connection with our hearts, and guide folks on how to experience a more joyful love centered life. I believe when we center love and joy in our daily life that it can  create ease and a deeper listening to our heart's wisdom. 

My practice and offerings reflect my values and is a mestizaje of ancestral teachings that include my lineage and of the modalities I received trainings and certifications. I co-create with folks who are ready to make the deep dives to understand the root causes of feeling disempowered in areas of their life. Don't worry, I give you spelunking gear for your journey. Through the sessions, we co-create to clear limiting beliefs so a transformation may emerge. Clients become resourced as they reclaim their connection to Love as an expansive force in their lives. As an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church, I'm available to officiate your wedding or offer spiritual guidance. 

There are several ways we can co-create.

I also know that I am not for everyone. I invite you to explore my offerings on the site of booking page. If you feel there is a resonance then schedule a free discovery call. Energy work is boundless, ephemeral, operates multi-dimensionally through different time lines, and I'm here to facilitate this experience as you do the work. If you wish me to be your guide or love madrina then lets co-create when you're ready.

También hablamos español. Las sesiones de sanación usan metodos de medicina alternative y ancestral que alinean el cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Soy sobadora y me enfoco en los huesos y el sistema nervioso al igual aspectos emocionales y espirtuales.

I am on the roster of practitioners at both Mostly Angels & Minka Brooklyn. You can book a session with me via their websites. Via Mostly Angels I offer tarot readings and through Minka Brooklyn I offer Love Limpia and Tarot combos.

You are working with a Love Conscious Coach who resources from indigenous, sacred, and metaphysical tools such as plant medicine, crystals, elementals, and astrology to support their clients. Prado is certified and trained in a variety of holistic energy healing modalities and incorporates ancestral traditions practiced by their family, many of whom where mid-wives, curanderas, and sobadores. 

Guiding Principles

  1. All beings are living embodiments of Love.
  2. Vulnerabilities express how you want to be held tenderly and lovingly.
  3. Joy and Love are not something you search for outside of you. They are soul codes embedded in your DNA.
  4. Self-Love is not a reward system. Self-Love is a practice to trust your heart’s knowing.
  5. Master Teachers Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle remind us how to live in harmony with the elements.
  6. To Love someone is not work. It's a daily practice of connection.
  7. Ancestral Joy, Love, and Wisdom illuminate a path to guide us to live with more integrity with our souls.
  8. Honor energies that may arise at the moment and tend to its need.
  9. Be audaciously loving and loved.
  10. Listen from the place of your heart.
  11. Everyone has their own love stories as well as heart break experiences. Regardless of your past, remember you are a perfect expression of Love.

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