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Healing Queen School of Sacred Alchemy

Healing Queen School of Sacred Alchemy

If you are a practitioner ready to co-create with their ancestral lineages and teachings to expand their holistic energy toolkit, I invite you to explore training programs available through the Healing Queen School of Sacred Alchemy.

Practitioners develop skill sets to help expand their Holistic Energy Arts practice while living in greater harmony and alignment with the elements, animals, plants, and supernatural forces. Practitioners learn to summon and co-create with these allies to release harmful or lower vibrational energies within their or the client’s energy field. When one’s life force is high, one can be healthier and connect more easily with their purpose.

Participants learn from a facilitator who brings over ten years of experience in holistic energy and over twenty years of teaching experience as a college professor. Prado has trained over fifty practitioners since 2020 in various modalities.

Practitioners can select from the Shamanic Elements in Reiki intensive track (3-month program) with an option to add Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Levels 1-3, making it a 5-month program.

If you seek to teach these modalities, sign up for the year-long Master Teacher Training in Usui, Holy Fire, and Karuna Reiki. S.E.R. Teacher Training will be available in 2025.

I'm also offering training in the Ethereal Modalities, including 13th Octave LaHoChi, Akashic Records, Angel Channeling/Toning, and Light Language.

If you have more questions, schedule a free discovery call.

Click on the hyperlinks to find out more about each practitioner training program.

Shamanic Elements in Reiki

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki

Master Teacher Training Year-long training in Usui, Holy Fire III, and Karuna Reiki lineages

13th Octave LaHoChi

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