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About Me

I'm a certified practitioner in various energy modalities, author, mystic, and creator of the training Shamanic Elements in Reiki. My practice reflects the lineages I trained in and wellness practices my ancestors passed on to me.  I hold space for clients and practitioners via in-person or remote sessions, Love-conscious group coaching programs, and self-paced courses centered on love and joy. 

I co-create with the Grandmothers and Elementals and share indigenous practices to support practitioners in expanding their metaphysical gifts. I channel messages from the Akashic realm and beyond, along with Archangels and Ascended Masters. As an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church, I can officiate your wedding or offer spiritual guidance. 

Known for my Love Limpias, an energetic clearing of the heart space, I guide clients in connecting and listening to their heart's whispers and alchemizing the heart wounds with compassion. A Love Limpia can help clients:

  • To be courageous in love and to love.
  • To show up more fully in relationships.
  • To be present in relationships.
  • To love oneself unconditionally.
  • To help you be vulnerable to receive love.
  • To trust your inner knowing.

When we center love and joy as integral to our daily experiences, it deepens our ability to listen to our soul's expansion. When we feel and radiate love from a space of wholeness and integrity with our higher self, we operate at a higher vibration. Being able to serve in this way is an honor. As a Xicanx, I reweave ancestral practices from my family, many of whom were Midwives, Curanderas, and Sobadores & Hueseros (bone setters), and bring a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach to these traditions. 

Tending to heart work takes courage and a willingness to be vulnerable. I also know that I am not meant to co-create with everyone. I invite you to explore the website and my booking site. If you feel there is resonance, then schedule a free discovery call. Energy work is boundless and operates multi-dimensionally through different timelines. I state this because we can co-create in person or remotely. Ultimately, I'm here to be a Spiritual guide on your journey as you do the work.

También hablamos español. Las sesiones de sanación usan metodos de medicina alternative y ancestral que alinean el cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Soy sobadora y me enfoco en los huesos y el sistema nervioso al igual aspectos emocionales y espirtuales.

Guiding Principles

  • All beings are living embodiments of Love and have the capacity to give and receive love. 
  • Vulnerabilities express how you want to be held and feel most loved.
  • Joy and Love are not something you search for outside of yourself. They are soul codes embedded in your DNA.
  • Self-Love is not a reward system. Self-Love is a practice of trusting your heart's knowing.
  • Master Teachers Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle remind us how to live harmoniously with the elements.
  • To Love is not work. Love is a daily practice of connection.
  • Ancestral Joy, Love, and Wisdom illuminate a path to guide us to live with more integrity with our souls.
  • Honor energies and emotions that may arise at the moment and tend to them.
  • Be audaciously loving and loved.
  • Listen to your heart's wisdom.
  • Regardless of your past experiences, remember you are a perfect expression of Love.\

How it began....

My inspiration is to help my community, primarily Spanish-speaking immigrants and workers, like my mother. I opened my doors professionally in 2013 while teaching full-time at local universities. Since 2018, I have been a full-time holistic energy practitioner and Love Conscious Coach. Don Miguel Ruiz has shared that the Toltec way is the way of the artist. I'm the artist who reads the stars & Tarot, alchemizes with the elements, writes visions and dreams shared with me by the Grandmothers, and follows the hummingbirds. I infuse all things I create with love and Reiki. Hago un poquito de todo, I do a bit of everything and have trained in various modalities and practices.

I have shared this work at studios and festivals like Mystic Bazaar, The Witches of Confluence, Spirit Weavers, The Consciousness Tribe, Community Healing, Reggae on the Mountain, Topanga Days, Echo Park Rising, Sedona Yoga Festival, One Love Fest, and Soulful Abundance. I have also presented workshops at Mostly Angels, Minka Brooklyn, Rainbow Soul Collective, Living Beauty, People's Yoga, and Corazón Counseling. I currently have my practice in Kizh/Gabrielino Tongva, Tataviam, and Chumash territories.

I'm also a registered distributor of Young Living Oils©. I use these therapeutic grade oils in the apothecary products I create and during sessions such as Raindrop Therapy and Isis Ritual (Emotional Release). If you want to sign up and be a distributor, click on the hyperlink and use Sponsor ID # 1420510 when you sign up.

Certified Training I Completed - * identifies modalities I teach practitoners

  • Cranial Sacral Unwinding 
  • Registered Polarity Practitioner
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher *
  • Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki *
  • Karuna Reiki Master Teacher *
  • Earth Evolution Reiki *
  • 13th Octave LaHoChi Master Teacher *
  • Family Constellations
  • Munay-Ki 
  • Akashic Records *
  • Light Language *
  • Sound Healing
  • Diamond SOULar Light Language *
  • Angel Toning *
  • Astrology
  • Tarot
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