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Alchemy of True Self 3-month Group Coaching Program & Creator of the Love Limpias

Reina has a heart of gold and healing hands. She immediately found the source of physical tension I had been carrying, and were able to initiate the clearing of a deep emotional burden I had been carrying for years. Afterwards I asked Reina what came through while she was working, and she spoke very clearly and gracefully about my held trauma and offered suggestions for how to continue working to shift things. Reina is a gift.

- Emily H. 


My experience with Reina was absolutely amazing! It was my first time booking a session with her and I was a bit nervous at first but Reina made sure I felt completely at ease. She guided me through the process and answered any questions I had. At the end of the session, the heavy energy I felt prior to the session was gone and I can't thank her enough for it! I would definitely love to book another session with her in the future! 

- Estafania N. 


I love that Healing Queen finds ways to eliminate my imbalances virtually. We did the session through zoom and communicate via chat box when needed. I highly recommend to center yourself through her guidance in time of this crisis.  - Socorro G.


This woman is an incredible soul and healer. She helped me with my heart chakra. And she's such a bright comforting spirit. You're such an amazing healer and spirit. Thank you for healing me. I would possibly want another session from you once this craziness is over. - @kaynasesser


I can't tell you how much our session helped center me this week, gracias @deensmaya


When beginning the Love Limpia session, Reina set a welcoming and intentional space which allowed me to feel cared for and safe. Ellx guided me through a healing journey to open up a doorway that had been shut for a long while. This session has helped me to feel more connected and grounded to realizing my fire and gives me hope to continue on this journey towards healing. Many blessings, Kai.


Thank you for helping me open up to my heart again. As you guided me to my heart I saw a little girl alone and sad in the dark. All I wanted was to hug her and tell her she is ok now and that she doesn’t have to be alone anymore. I know that that little girl is me and that I’m not alone. I’ve felt the presence of that little girl with me ever since then. During the Love Limpia, I felt this ease and peace consume my body and soul. I was able to feel an immense amount of emotions take over me. When the Love Limpia was complete I felt my heart, mind, and body at ease. It felt as a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I can feel a light in my heart that has opened me to life ever since. I feel that connection with my heart and all I want to do is bask myself and that little girl around that feeling. The following days since my Love Limpia I've felt at peace and hopeful for my life and future. Thank you for that amazing experience and for providing me with the opportunity to go through that extraordinary experience. My heart and soul needed it and I thank you from the entirety of my heart.  - Jazmine A.


I have attended several healing sessions with Reina and in all of them, I always walk away with clarity for next steps; and always a bit lighter than before. - Alejandra J. 


I had never had a session with Reina before and it was nothing short of amazing!  I booked a Love Limpia session with Reina and it was remote but it was so effective it was like we were in-person, face to face.  To begin with Reina has such a calm, friendly, caring, and disarming personality, you automatically become more relaxed and open.  She was patient and curious about what was going on with me and we explored different issues impacting me from the past and presently.  Reina is so gifted and was able to help me connect in different ways to my spiritual self.  She helped me heal from physical and emotional pain through her different techniques engaging physical and mental components.  I was also able to see my past selves and significant moments in a way that was totally new to me and to really learn from myself in a way that impacts the present and future.  Reina helped me move forward with my issues in a very different way enabling healing and integrating my strengths, as well as a feeling that I am supported.  I am so glad that I had this valuable session as I felt so much better afterward and Reina was amazing, skilled, and caring! - Devika 


I received a distance polarity healing session from Healing Queen. It was my first time receiving this kind of energy healing and I wasn't sure what to expect. Reina was very helpful and thoughtful in the way that they explained everything and also with the questions that they asked. Even through Zoom, the energy exchange felt very powerful. I felt much more centered and relaxed as the session progressed, and even after it ended the effects continued. It was exciting to learn that I can continue to do a lot of the techniques Reina showed at home. She also suggested some really useful homework. I would definitely recommend a polarity session with Healing Queen. - Tinora 

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