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Disclaimer: Results shared in the following testimonials are unique to their given session. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors. 

I recently was blessed to experience a Love Limpia session with Reina. Reina fostered a space for deep self inquiry and transformation, a kind witness encouraging me towards my own power and self-love navigating some rocky waters. Their approach is really patient and affirming, guiding you to your own inner guidance. Whether you are in an especially vulnerable place or seeking an embodied reminder of the power in loving yourself, I highly recommend booking a session with them. Peace and blessings! Cynthia


Reina is truly an incredible being, coach, and practitioner. I have had the pleasure of attending workshops in person where there were supporting community group settings before the pandemic and recently began booking sessions with them remotely. There are so many ways to connect and support this critical work. If you're curious, I would highly recommend an exploratory session and if you've been wanting to work with someone 1:1 on multiple dimensions of healing, go check out their website! Reina's approach to the work is full of experience, a commitment to social justice, love, and joy. I have felt completely held and inspired. I highly recommend them. Thank you!!!! - Cassandra F.


Reina has a heart of gold and healing hands. She immediately found the source of physical tension I had been carrying and was able to initiate the clearing of a deep emotional burden I had been carrying for years. Afterward, I asked Reina what came through while she was working, and she spoke very clearly and gracefully about my held trauma and offered suggestions for how to continue working to shift things. Reina is a gift.

- Emily H. 


My experience with Reina was absolutely amazing! It was my first time booking a session with her and I was a bit nervous at first but Reina made sure I felt completely at ease. She guided me through the process and answered any questions I had. At the end of the session, the heavy energy I felt prior to the session was gone and I can't thank her enough for it! I would definitely love to book another session with her in the future! 

- Estafania N. 


I love that Healing Queen finds ways to eliminate my imbalances virtually. We did the session through zoom and communicate via chat box when needed. I've been in Healing Queen / Reina's hands for the past four years, she is my go-to. My journey constantly experiences imbalances from life when dealing with my shadows and doing community work towards humanity. Every time I utilized her services, I always left feeling lighter, equipped with tools to navigate stressful times, recenter how I think and feel, recharge my energy, and continue to remind myself that my body matters. On a personal note, her vegan lemon lavender cookies are to die for---yum! You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend her services as part of self-love for your body, to center yourself through her guidance in a time of this crisis.  - Socorro G.


This woman is an incredible soul and healer. She helped me with my heart chakra. And she's such a bright comforting spirit. You're such an amazing healer and spirit. Thank you for healing me. I would possibly want another session from you once this craziness is over. - @kaynasesser


I can't tell you how much our session helped center me this week, gracias @deensmaya


When beginning the Love Limpia session, Reina set a welcoming and intentional space which allowed me to feel cared for and safe. Ellx guided me through a healing journey to open up a doorway that had been shut for a long while. This session has helped me to feel more connected and grounded to realizing my fire and gives me hope to continue on this journey towards healing. Many blessings, Kai.


Thank you for helping me open up to my heart again. As you guided me to my heart I saw a little girl alone and sad in the dark. All I wanted was to hug her and tell her she is ok now and that she doesn’t have to be alone anymore. I know that that little girl is me and that I’m not alone. I’ve felt the presence of that little girl with me ever since then. During the Love Limpia, I felt this ease and peace consume my body and soul. I was able to feel an immense amount of emotions take over me. When the Love Limpia was complete I felt my heart, mind, and body at ease. It felt as a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I can feel a light in my heart that has opened me to life ever since. I feel that connection with my heart and all I want to do is bask myself and that little girl around that feeling. The following days since my Love Limpia I've felt at peace and hopeful for my life and future. Thank you for that amazing experience and for providing me with the opportunity to go through that extraordinary experience. My heart and soul needed it and I thank you from the entirety of my heart.  - Jazmine A.


I have attended several healing sessions with Reina and in all of them, I always walk away with clarity for the next steps; and always a bit lighter than before. - Alejandra J. 


I had never had a session with Reina before and it was nothing short of amazing!  I booked a Love Limpia session with Reina and it was remote but it was so effective it was like we were in-person, face to face.  To begin with, Reina has such a calm, friendly, caring, and disarming personality, you automatically become more relaxed and open.  She was patient and curious about what was going on with me and we explored different issues impacting me from the past and presently.  Reina is so gifted and was able to help me connect in different ways to my spiritual self.  She helped me heal from physical and emotional pain through her different techniques engaging physical and mental components.  I was also able to see my past selves and significant moments in a way that was totally new to me and to really learn from myself in a way that impacts the present and future.  Reina helped me move forward with my issues in a very different way enabling healing and integrating my strengths, as well as a feeling that I am supported.  I am so glad that I had this valuable session as I felt so much better afterward and Reina was amazing, skilled, and caring! - Devika 


I received a distance polarity healing session from Healing Queen. It was my first time receiving this kind of energy healing and I wasn't sure what to expect. Reina was very helpful and thoughtful in the way that they explained everything and also with the questions that they asked. Even through Zoom, the energy exchange felt very powerful. I felt much more centered and relaxed as the session progressed, and even after it ended the effects continued. It was exciting to learn that I can continue to do a lot of the techniques Reina showed at home. She also suggested some really useful homework. I would definitely recommend a polarity session with Healing Queen. - Tinora 


Lunar Intuitive Tarot / Live Tarot Readings:

Thank you for this highly accurate reading that truly connected to my heart-- felt the energy in my body that increased a sacred confident vibration to go forward with my new pathway. Can't wait for the next reading with you!  - X 

Reina, Thank you so very much for this reading! It resonates profoundly, applying to many different pathways of my life! I appreciate how clearly and compassionately you explored the meanings of each card and their relationships to one another -- I feel, even in this brief reading, as if I've even received a bit of education about the tarot! I am very grateful. What an insightful way to beginning my day this was. I appreciate you and the generous ways you share your gifts. Warmly, Beck


I just listened to my intuitive lunar tarot reading and it is incredibly accurate and speaks directly, with clear guidance to the moment I currently find myself in. I've been getting similar messages so this serves as a reminder to take action on these messages because that is what is required of me at this time. Thank you, Reina, for this offering. - Cristina S.


Reina, wow! Thank you so much. That was truly really special and resonated on all levels. I’m a Libra too, so the Justice card and analysis you shared really painted an important picture for me, (along with the other cards as well). I’ll be re-listening again soon, I’m sure. There’s lots to reflect on here.  I really appreciate you! Happy New Moon and sweet blessings to you!  - Ruth L.


Reina, Thank you for an extremely accurate reading. You have an amazing voice; it’s so calming and I can feel your knowledge and intuition within it. Second, all of those cards SERIOUSLY rang true. I am a Cancer sun Aries moon so I truly resonated with the Queen of Wands with her water and fire energy. I often feel like a walking contradiction because my big three ... can contradict each yet still balance each other out. When you drew the Lovers card, that definitely resonated because my inquiry had to do with my relationship. When I booked the reading I was in a weird place feeling emotional over my boyfriend ... He definitely gives me the stability found in the Four of Pentacles but sometimes, especially at the moment of this booking, I fear that the few major personality differences we have might someday create a wedge between us. I really like what you said about the water extinguishing the fire and the need for stability possibly getting in the way of my own inner fire and drive. At the time, I was wondering if the love that I feel for him is enough to overlook the few differences that we do have. We are an extremely good match and this is the best love I’ve ever felt, but this reading put my own needs into perspective and the order of importance I need to place on these two very important aspects of myself. Thank you very very much!! - Caitlin


Hi Reina, Thank you so much for this reading! It definitely resonated with me as I have been feeling called toward more spiritual work & tuning in to my intuition. I have been sensing that something in my life is coming to a close which you touched upon as well. I appreciate the reminder that just because I can't see something doesn't mean it's gone or lost. I've been struggling a bit with my scarcity mindset & trusting that there is abundance available to me in the universe. I've also been feeling a bit ungrounded with my thoughts & energy scattered about. I can definitely see how more structure & organization will be helpful in this situation. Thank you again! I will keep an eye out for another opportunity to work with you & will recommend you to anyone looking for these types of services. Take care! - Cassandra 


Wow Reina, Your reading was sooo on point. Yes, my question was about love, and what you said made perfect sense! As I’m entering what feels like a new chapter in my life- it feels like I def need to break w old ideas of relationships and reciprocity. It’s funny because it almost feels like I’m not even controlling this shift, like it’s just happening. Thank you so much!  I’m going to reflect on this, marinate on it and see what comes out!  Love, Rosalba


Hi Reina, I first would like to extend my sincerest apologies for taking such a long time to respond to your reading. Secondly, wow! Being that you sent this on August 5th; at the height of Leo Season and I am re-reading this for a second time as we are now entering Virgo season, all I can say is: This reading was beautiful, magical, honest, and poignant. Every card represented exactly the process I embarked upon during Leo season. And I will bring this guidance with me into this time of Earthly Grounding, Vibrant Structure, and Honored Grace. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you. I look forward to working with you again soon. Shaní (Sha-nay) / She / Hers


Thank you for the beautiful tarot reading. It definitely resonates with me as I am learning to be more aware of my Earth energy. Your paragraph before the reading said you felt "a bit ungrounded" as you shuffled the cards. You were right on! On this day (Wednesday) there was excitement and uncertainty in anticipation of a zoom call I was about to participate in. Thank you so  much. I will definitely book an appointment for a tarot reading soon.  - Claudia M. 


Wow - thank you so much, for this beautiful reading, Reina! It is so resonant - and aligned with the messages I've been getting from source for a while now (but sometimes we need to hear it from someone else to really get moving!). The Death card sentiment about trusting that people will support my journey stood out especially - I really needed to hear that. I appreciate your work and hope to join one of your circles/workshops soon. Many, many thanks! Lisa


Thank you Reina for the Lunar Reading.  It definitely resonates with what is unfolding in my life currently.  I am trusting in much of the magic that is happening by giving thanks and accepting it as it is.  Recently I woke up to a black crow feather right outside my door after thinking the night before that I needed a bigger feather to smudge my home than the blue jay feather I was using.  I will be sure to keep paying attention to my dreams and writing them down.  They have been very vivid and I'm sure there are a lot of downloads happening.  Thanks again, and I look forward to the Self Love workshop series.  Wishing you love, laughter and joy, Karina 

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