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I started to post videos on our fb page and a few on youtube. May they be helpful.

Alchemy of True Self Free Webinar - click on hyperlink to access it via youtube.

Finding Self, Finding Love

This is a short video sharing a bit about what the workshop offers and inspiration behind it. Introduction series is happening Sundays in February at Mostly Angels. More details posted in a few weeks. 

Intention vs Attention for 2018 

This was a video we created on New Year's Eve of 2017.

Earth Element 

This video shares a bit about the Earth element which will be the element that will kick off the fall series of Tune Into the Elements workshop Native Sol in Long Beach. I lead you in a short grounding meditation, and focus a bit on cycles and the upcoming fall equinox. Tears are my medicine and there is a moment of vulnerability seen here. 

Meditation to attune 1st & 3rd Chakras

This recording is a meditation I shared in workshop I created "Finding Self, Finding Love" The meditation helped us get focused on our Root and Solar Plexus which are the 1st and 3rd chakras respectively. I hope this helps you in your journey.

New Moon, Spring Equinox

Happy New Moon. This meditation is to help with springing forth your vision for this moon cycle and season of Spring. I suggest some crystals to have. I mentioned Larvikite and erythrite. Others mentioned were also astrophyllite and larimar. Any crystal that you have or feel comfortable will help with this meditation. You also do not need crystals to this meditation. They are just suggestions.

Blue Moon, or Trying to find balance

Here's another meditation recorded on the blue moon in Libra March 31, 2018. The meditation can also be used if seeking to bring things into greater alignment or balance in your life. The first 5-8 minutes it's sharing a bit about balance and alignment. The meditation begins around minute 9 and lasts for about 10-12 minutes. May it serve you well. 


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